There are multiple ways to get involved in our chapter.  We have many active committees and are always looking for new and fresh ideas!  If you would like to become more active in our chapter by joining a committee please contact Karen Foy, Chapter Executive Director, at



The Membership committee serves to connect with new and expired members of our chapter. The committee works to increase the membership numbers of the chapter.
Chairperson: Mary Price
Board Liaisons: Patricia Truax Stewart; Karen Foy



The Financial committee serves to help delegate and maintain the Chapter finances.
Chairperson: Patricia Truax Stewart, Treasurer


The Expo Committee serves to assist the Executive Director with planning, advertising and the execution of the annual Expo and education event hosted by the chapter.
Chairperson: Cindy Dunlop
Board Liaison:  Karen Foy


LAC (Legislative Action Committee ) Delegates
The LAC delegates are part of the Florida Legislative Alliance, attending monthly meetings to keep the chapter members informed of any legislative matters that may directly affect the Community Association industry and report to our chapter members. Our current delegates are, Pilar Willis, and Robyn Severs -



The Newsletter Committee produces a quarterly e-newsletter to provide the membership with relevant & educational articles as well as advertisements from the best Business Partners & Management Companies in our area.
Chairperson: Leslie Pragasam
Board Liaison: Jimmy Dycus; Karen Foy
The Programming/Education Committee serves to provide timely education and informational programs for the general membership of the Chapter.
Chairperson: Ed Ronsman, Esq. 
Board Liaison: Patty Stewart


The  Social Committee serves to assist the Executive Director with planning, advertising and the execution of the several social networking events throughout the year.
Chairperson: Melissa Rowe
Board Liaison: David Robinson; Karen Foy

The Nominating Committee is appointed by the current Board of Directors and serves to present to the chapter the members who are to be considered for election of the following year Board of Directors.